About Me - My name is Martin          and surname Skoneczny

I Live in the Poland in the city Lodz


Important -                        Nationality - Polish citizenship              Date of birth - 1973 16 November
Passport- I have the ( European Union )

Profile - He computers is thrills already above ten years and I still proceed my skills in this field so to be always on up to date , the photo also fascinates me, and cognition of new technologies, not only computers ( generally). Music , I am interested in the painting. I do not smoke, I do not drink the liquor. I desire to take the work, and progress my skills.

Skills - Very good service of computer: Windows 9x, ME, 2000 and XP, DOS, the packet of MS Office, Adobe Photoshop CE, Front Page 2003 projecting the sides of www, Internet, E-mail. The Service of office devices. 


+ 44 789 08 96 627

I look for the job!

Qualified tradesman with the practice , very good acquaintance of the service of the computer, the communicative use English and Russian lakes will accept job :  Every job , I wait for proposals.


I the person realizing am put the aims, aiming to self - realization and the achievement of the success.I do not fear independent making the decision and do not avoid their consequence.Employing me on the tradesman position you gain:


The ability:

The acquaintance of English (communicative), Russian (communicative), the advanced service of the computer and such programmes as the systems Windows and applications Office, additionally World Wide Web.

Easy linking the contacts with people

the Effectiveness and consequence in the working

the Responsibility and discipline

the Certainty of the achievement of the success

Including useful information near the consideration of my employment enclose my curriculum vitae on the side.

Martin Skoneczny

My Curriculum Vitae
I hope that contained information will help here to make decisions about my employment.  
References - Available on request From company :                        ARETE and IDEA-SYSTEM


Attention - The programme necessary is to reading my Curriculum Vitae


The translation on English I did alone , if mistakes are    this I apologize , I still learn  this language continually

My status    

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