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+ The computer help  +


The Low Price

 Do you have the problem ?

It is not only getting tired worth , to charge the computer better to experts.
You do have nowhere to bring the computer we will do this on the place
 (the installation of system or different software , removes the viruses , cleaning computer-preservation, the exchange of components)


If you have the problem with gathering this in the integral, or you want to pool together you computer to Ring !  

The service in the house at the customer ! 

one as yet can only write email to me I will pass the telephone later !



  The attention the incompetent installation of computer components can threaten with the damage of the computer don't risk the damage of equipment !

   How to arrange ? ring this simple or write on email or on Skype.

   We establish the price before the visit it all was bright and was not the surprise while the payment

The telephone is passed in the field em@il

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